I am a visual artist based in Calgary, AB. In 2012 I received my BFA (Distinction) in Drawing & Painting from Concordia University Montreal, QC.

Magic realism and rock & roll are my major influences. Colour, balance, geometry, nature and the human touch are ubiquitous in my work. I love to contrast patterns, juxtaposing the manmade with the organic. In my drawings, figures appear in stylized landscapes that explore the human condition.  Freedom, isolation, companionship and rebellion are central themes. My work has been called "Punk Rock Nuveau" and "Canadian Mysticism." I like these labels and look forward to exploring them more.  My drawings manifest out of an internal narrative and a desire to create a personal mythology.  That being said, what excites me most about art making is hearing other people's interpretations of it.  I feel like my work is more alive when someone creates sense and meaning of a piece that is entirely different from my intention while creating it.

For more information on my work, to get in touch regarding collaborations, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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